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The Cheap Campervans are brand new manual transmission 2019 model Dacia Dokker vans. They are fuel efficient, easy to drive and park, and offer all the conveniences of a brand new car. This van is perfect for up to 2 people to explore Iceland.

Whether you're bringing a spouse, friend, or a stranger, the Cheap Campervan will make for a great travel partner without breaking the bank.

  • Seats & Sleeps 2

    Perfect campervan for 2 people

  • 2019 Models

    Brand new vans means more awesomeness

  • Cookware included

    Cook simple meals with a gas stove

  • Simple mattress & pillow

    Just pack your own sleeping bag and you're ready to go

  • Unlimited KM/Miles

    Don't worry about any hidden fees. You pay one simple price and that's it.

  • WiFi Available

    Add WiFi to your booking for convenient browsing and added safety

  • Diesel

    Fuel-efficient diesel engines keep your costs down

  • Insurance included

    A basic CDW insurance is included in all rentals

When you book a Cheap Campervan, you can be 100% certain that you're getting the best campervan price in the country. That's why we offer our Price Guarantee.

But just because we're all about saving money, doesn't mean that we sacrifice our standards. We pride ourselves in being able to offer the cheapest campervan possible while maintaining our usual levels of reliability, professionalism, and transparency.

Our vans are maintained by an experienced in-house mechanic, who checks and services all vans before each rental. All of our vans also go through rigorous inspection at least once per year, so you can be sure that you're our vans won't let you down.

Check out our Q&A section for more info about our campervans.


Camping Chair

Enjoy the view, eat outside, or relax however you want in a camping chair


Per Rental

Camping Table

A simple camping table makes camping just a bit easier.


Per Rental


A 4G WiFi that follows you all around Iceland.


Per Rental


A 12V/230V inverter will allow you to charge your electronic devices using the 12V "cigarette lighter" socket in the car.


Per Rental

Sleeping Bag

The Cheap Campervan does not include a heater, so make sure that you have a warm sleeping bag or comforter. Save some luggage space and rent one from us.


Per Rental

Extra Driver

Would you like to make your trip more relaxing by having more than one driver? That's not a bad idea! Just make sure to bring a valid drivers license for all drivers and you're good to go.


Per Rental

Garmin GPS

Find your right path with our Garmin GPS. Up-to-date with all the latest locations and travel information.


Per Day


Premium Plus

All of our extra insurance options bundled into one discounted price and 0 self-risk/deductible on everything. Drive worry-free with our Premium Plus Insurance Package.


Per Day

Premium Package

Get all of our extra insurance option packaged into one discounted price


Per Day

Super CDW

Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) reduces your deductible from €2,500 to €600.


Per Day

Gravel Protection

Our most popular insurance that protects you from damage to the front side of the van caused by rocks and gravel.


Per Day

Tire Insurance

If a tire is damaged and needs replaced, you are not responsible for the cost. We'll point you to the nearest garage and take care of everything.


Per Day

Sand & Ash

Although rare, some of the most severe damage cases are caused by strong sand or ash storms in windy Iceland.


Per Day

Theft Insurance

Theft Insurance protects you from paying any self risk if the camper van is stolen (€ 2,500)


Per Day