Cheapest. Period.

Cheapest. Period.

Nobody offers campervans at a lower price than us. End of story. In the unlikely event that you will find a lower price, we will simply match it and offer you a 10% additional discount.

On average, this is how much cheaper we are compared to the other guys*


  • We are 43% cheaper than other camper rentals during low-season
  • We are 28% cheaper during high-season
  • We are 143% cheaper than the most expensive rental during low-season
  • We are 80% cheaper than the most expensive rental during high-season

The Lowest Price Guarantee

It's simple. If you find a cheaper price at a different campervan rental in Iceland, we will match that price and add a 10% discount to your booking**. Here is how you take advantage of the lowest price guarantee:

  1. Send us an email at with an attachment that shows the lower price (image screenshots are easiest). The screenshot needs to be from the official renter's website and/or easily verifiable.
  2. Tell us your booking number if you have already made a booking, and we'll apply the 10% discount OR tell us your travel information, and we will book the van for you with the 10% discount.
  3. That's it! You'll pay less when you pick up the van and can be 100% sure that you got the lowest price.
    Note: Apply for the discount before the start of your rental. We cannot change your rental price after you picked up your van.

*Numbers based on public prices as of 2/24/20 for top 8 camper rentals in Iceland. Low-season period used was 1/3/20-15/3/20 and high-season period used was 1/7/20-15/7/20.

***Lowest Price Guarantee applies to campervan rental prices only and does not apply to extras, insurance, etc.